Online Rent Collection Systems: We Found 3 You Can Use For Free

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These days we are looking for creative ways to conduct all kinds of business. With the pandemic, many of us are trying to limit contact to slow the spread, this means things that were once a normal process have changed. Collecting rent online is one-way landlords and property managers are adjusting to these challenging times. We found some FREE online rent collection services to check out if this is something you are considering.

Advances in online solutions have greatly benefited landlords and property managers looking to enhance their rental management business to provide better services to their tenants, clients, and vendors. 

One of the best practices a landlord or property manager can adopt for their rental business involves collecting rent online. 

There are multiple benefits to providing your renters with the ability to make a rent payment online. By collecting rent online, you provide a convenient solution to renters wanting to avoid writing a check, increase the likelihood of on-time rent payments, limit the number of late fees charged to tenants, and simplify your rent collection duties each month.

What is online rent collection?

It’s simply a system that allows tenants to pay their rent via ACH transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, or other online payment services such as PayPal. You are probably familiar with all of these payment methods including the ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House. 

ACH is a network of over 10,000 institutions that batch-process direct payments and direct deposits electronically instead of the old manual, paper method. If you ever had an employer deposit your paycheck directly into your bank account, it was via the ACH system.

The free online rent collection services listed below only collect rent online for free if you use the ACH transfer option. Keep in mind ACH is generally slower than other rent collection options. But there are definite benefits over a paper check. The idea that your money is available instantly when you deposit a check is a common misconception about how banks process paper checks.

Depending on your bank, it may look like a check’s amount are added to your bank account’s available balance the same day you deposit the check. In actuality, the bank is fronting the money, trusting the check is good and holding you responsible for it if it is not. Sometimes the bank does not find out if the check is good for up to 2-3 weeks after the check was deposited. If you deposit a bad check, the bank will withdraw the funds from your account. 

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What are the Benefits of Online Rent Collection?

  • No more late payments. Tenants don’t need to worry about dropping a check in the mail. They simply set up an automatic transfer. 
  • Convenient for landlord and tenant. No more trips to the bank or dropping by the property to collect rent checks.
  • Competitive advantage. Standout from other landlords in your market and appeal to younger renters by offering a convenient, modern rent payment solution.
  • Rent Tracking. No need to track rents in an offline spreadsheet. Mobile rent collection services make it easy to see which tenants are paid up. 
  • Security. Financial transactions run through the ACH network rather than a paper check, which can be used to gather tenant bank account information.

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3 FREE Online Rent Collection Services


Note: Cozy and have come together to bring you the next generation of FREE online rental management tools. Most Cozy accounts will be automatically transitioned over to by mid-2021.  Learn more about the change

  • It’s free
  • Very simple to use and has a streamlined interface
  • Email notifications keep both parties informed at all times
  • Using multiple bank accounts makes it adaptable to your business size
  • You can manage all tenants at once
  • You can add utility bills to the payment as well
  • Ability to export rental payments for bookkeeping
  • Landlord dashboard to reconcile tenant payments
  • Tenant dashboard to track rent payments
  • Document sharing for leases and moving checklists
  • Marketing help for rental units
  • Internal rental application
  • Free applicant screening with background and credit checks
  • Renters insurance options for tenants
  • Landlord expense tracking
  • Ability to request maintenance


  • Totally free ACH transfers 
  • Rent payments deposited directly into account
  • Renters can set up autopay so you know when you'll get paid each month
  • Tenants can pay rent with a credit or debit card for a small fee
  • They teamed up with experienced processors, Stripe™ and Plaid™, to provide exceptional service.  


  • It’s free to use; for extra fees, you can unlock a variety of legal forms or background and credit checks run by TazWorks
  • Easy to use and always being updated/streamlined
  • Affordable, customizable plans available
  • Rent is deposited in two business days
  • Multiple tenants can split payments across their own accounts
  • Ability to set up automatic late fees
  • Free credit reporting
  • Provides bank-level security

Whether you are a renter or a landlord, the online rental collection is a very appealing option in these uncertain times. In addition, if you can find the tools to do this at no cost it's even better. We want to help our communities continue to do business the safest most efficient ways possible. We are here for you Minnesota!





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