Bill Pay

Always play it safe with payments. Online bill pay is simply a better way.

Why should you sign up for online bill pay with Flagship Bank? Because it’s a safe, smart and secure way to pay your bills. To prove it let’s compare life before and after online bill pay.

WITHOUT Online Bill Pay
WITH Online Bill Pay
Risk check theft by sending checks via unsecured mail.Prevent check theft by knowing your check is received. You also have the ability to pay bills via ACH.
Possible lost or stolen information including bills, payments and statements.No lost or stolen information because paying bills online eliminates paper transactions. Your checking account number is not used and therefore can't be stolen.
Question your account status wondering if the payment has been taken out or not.Check your account status confirming that payments went through in just a few clicks.
Risk your privacy because unsecured person to person transactions could land your payments in the wrong hands.Increase your privacy because only you can access your account information, account numbers and payment history.
Spend money on checks, stamps and regular trips to the post office.Save money with no more checks, stamps, late fees or overdraft fees.


  • Pay from multiple accounts
  • Single or recurring payments
  • Send recurring payments:
    • Every week, month, year
    • Every other week or month
    • Every three or six months
    • Every four weeks or twice monthly
  • Schedule multiple payments from same screen
  • Schedule payment before/after non-processing dates
  • Select start date to match frequency criteria
  • Shortcut feature: pre-loads payments based on history
  • Rush payments available
  • GiftPay-e: send personalized gift checks
  • Send person-person payments (P2P)


  • Send/receive account-to-account transfers to/from an account at another bank (A2A)

Scheduled Payments

  • View scheduled payments by:
    • Account or all accounts
    • Payments, P2P, or A2A transfers (outbound/inbound)
  • Stop/edit single payment by amount or date
  • Edit recurring payment by amount or skipping payment
  • Edit recurring payment series by amount, frequency, or effective date
  • End options: specific date or payment number

Payment History

  • View payment history by:
    • Amount, payment, or payee
    • Account, account name, or all accounts
    • Ascending or descending date
    • P2P payments or A2A transfers (outbound/inbound)
    • Payment confirmation number
    • Previous or current month
    • 30 days or custom date
    • 15, 25, 50 items per page
  • View in Microsoft® Excel
  • Send payment inquiry
  • Store payment history for standard 18 months
  • Extra payment history available
  • Check images available


  • Receive electronic versions of monthly bills
  • Sent directly to your online bill pay account
  • Review all bill details and past activity
  • Make payments anytime from anywhere
  • Set up e-Notification reminders sent to inbox or cell phone


  • Add company, individual, or bank/credit union
  • Add P2P payments and A2A transfers (outbound/inbound)
  • Delete/edit payee by nickname or account number
  • Submit edits by secure message
  • Edit P2P payees by nickname, email, or phone
  • Send a payee change request

Secure Messaging

  • Receive secure messages on updates or changes
  • Reply to payment inquiries or payee change requests
  • Save secure messages or delete secure messages

User Preferences

  • Update contact info and default page
  • Text messages and alerts
  • Change PIN
  • Outlook© reminders


  • Transaction confirmations
  • Pending payments
  • Payment history
  • Payee list

GiftPay-e and Donations

  • Send personalized gift checks
  • Personalize gift check with own message
  • Stop/edit gift check by date or amount
  • Address book for adding, editing, deleting
  • View GiftPay-e FAQ, history, or calendar
  • Send donation to charity or in recognition of someone
  • Send e-mail notification of donation
  • Receive charity acknowledgement of donation

Miscellaneous Features

  • Contact support via email, phone, and live chat
  • Send suggestions for improvement
  • View privacy and security
  • View terms and conditions

eBill electronic bill presentment is an enhancement to the Bill Pay product. Simply put, eBill allows you to receive electronic versions of your monthly bills sent directly to your online bill pay account. eBill works for you. With eBill, you can handle all of your bill activity from one location. You’ll have all these functions at your fingertips:

  • Due shows eBills due within five days with payment yet to be scheduled
  • Received lists eBills that have been received and are awaiting payment
  • Troubleshooting reveals any eBills that have experienced issues, such as a change of information or password
  • Awaiting New Bill is a heads up that there are eBills waiting to arrive from the payee
  • Sign Up has a listing of current payees that are available to present eBills, but have yet to be setup

Now it’s time to put it all to work for you. You’ll see more convenience with the eBill enhancement.