Business Equipment Financing

Streamlined business equipment financing for your business.

Business equipment financing done right. 

Whether the first business equipment purchase or one of many, Flagship is your resource to keep financing simple and straightforward.

Flagship commits to providing customers competitive terms and great rates while also providing reliable and trustworthy advice for the long term success of your business.

What is business equipment financing?

Your business needs machines, trucks and other equipment to run its business efficiently. Equipment financing is designed to allow your business leverage its cash to purchase the equipment it needs or refinance existing equipment using the equipment as collateral for the loan. Learn more by reading our: 

Guide to Business Loans
what is business equipment financing?

What will the bank review?

There are multiple options for your business's equipment financing. We can look at individual equipment purchases or multiple pieces of equipment/vehicles in one loan. The transaction is dependent on review of the following:

  • What is the purchase price including soft costs for the equipment?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What will the equipment be used for?
  • What is your preferred repayment terms?
  • What is your annual business revenues?
    • Including a review of your business's and personal tax returns and financial statements.
  • What is your personal credit score?

Why do we review all these items? We do so to provide you the best terms possible and we do it in short order. Online lenders and others may request fewer items but generally make up for it with higher rates and less flexible terms. We focus on getting to know your business and your credit quality to provide great rates with creative solutions for your business.

bank review

Ready to talk terms?

What should I expect for terms?

Flagship Bank will consider financing up to 80% of acquisition cost of new equipment and up to 100% with additional collateral for qualifying businesses and equipment.

Business equipment loans are generally term loans. Term loans are repaid with principal and interest payments with fixed or variable interest rates for a period up to 84 months (7 years).

At Flagship, we work to understand your business so there may be opportunities for a line of credit to be put in place secured by the new equipment purchase and/or significant existing equipment. The terms for a line of credit are generally interest only for a period of 12 months and have a floating interest rate.

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