Minnesota Business Loans

We limit the red tape by bringing transparency, reliability and certainty to the process. Creativity and customization are our strengths. We're open for business - your business.

Why Flagship for your Minnesota business loan?

A business makes its living in operations and sales. We work to limit the complexity in its financing. Our creative, custom loans and bank accounts will earn your trust and confidence so you know the job gets done.

Who We Are & Why We Do It

You’re the backbone of our region’s economy. Providing goods and services. Providing jobs. You understand the concept of working hard for your money. You understand the concept of service — real service — like answering the phone, returning calls and providing solutions for whatever problems come your way. In return, you want a bank that understands the same. A bank that’s in your corner. A bank that knows your business, your issues and your challenges, and is ready to help you become more successful. That bank is Flagship Bank Minnesota.

Commercial Loans

When you’re ready to acquire a business, finance equipment, open a new location, expand an existing one, or build inventory to meet your growing customer demand; Flagship Bank Minnesota is ready to help. We offer a full range of credit and deposit solutions designed to meet the needs of your business. All backed by personalized service from experts as invested in your success as you are. Learn everything you need to know in our:

Guide to Business Loans

Guide to Business Cash Management

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Real Estate Loans

Whether you are beginning new construction, redeveloping, or simply looking to refinance your property; we take the complexity out of the financing process. Flagship Bank offers a wide range of credit structures with varying maturities. Our services and areas of expertise include:

  • Owner-Occupied Buildings
  • Construction and Bridge Financing
  • Office/Warehouse Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Multifamily & Student Housing
  • Single Family, 1-4 Family Rental Properties

Let us be your partner today. Learn more about our options for:

Investment Real Estate


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Our guide to investment real estate

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans to get the job done. We want your business to get the right equipment so it's more productive and profitable. New or used, we work quickly so you can get back to business.

  • Vehicles
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Industrial conveyor belts, stationary machinery, and vehicles.
  • Office equipment
  • Dental, veterinary or medical clinic equipment
  • Restaurant equipment

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SBA Loans

Every business has times when it needs some support. Maybe a lower down payment, longer fixed rates, or something different all together. The Small Business Administration provides guaranty support so your business can stretch more and go farther. Flagship Bank's experience in working with Community Development Corporations on SBA 504 loans and SBA 7a applications provides your business with more options.

7(a) Loan

The SBA 7(a) Loan Program includes financial help for businesses with special requirements — including businesses that handle exports to foreign countries, businesses that operate in rural areas and other very specific purposes. Loan proceeds can be used to create a new business or to help with the acquisition, operation, or expansion of an existing business.

504 Loan

The SBA 504 Loan Program is a powerful economic development loan program that offers small businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing for acquiring fixed assets for expansion or modernization — including building purchase, land purchase, and land improvements, as well as purchasing furniture, machinery, and equipment.

Flagship Bank offers long-term Minnesota business loans, with a negotiated interest rate, as a 1st mortgage/lien to complement the SBA 504 program financing.

For more information on SBA loans, visit our:

Guide to Business Loans

Guide to SBA 7a and 504 Loans

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