Convenience with E-statements

Flagship Bank offers E-statements. E-statements is a free service that allows you to view your checking and savings account statements online. You’ll no longer have to wait for your paper statement to arrive in the mail. We will notify you by email when your statement is available to view.

Four quick steps below to get started with E-Statements:

    1. Sign into Online Banking.
    2. In the left column, click on Services and then Change Info.
      Please make sure that you have a valid email address setup in the primary email address area. Once you have a valid email address setup, please click on Electronic Statement.
    3. You must read and then agree to the terms and conditions. You will give your agreement by checking the box at the bottom of the terms and conditions page. Then you must click the I Agree To These Terms And Conditions button.
    4. You will receive an email message with a Verification Code. This code is a one time code needed to enroll in the estatement service. You will need to enter the Verification Code into the Enter Verification Code* section of Internet Banking located in Services>Electronic Statement. Check the box(es) for the account(s) you would like to receive estatements for. Click the submit button. The process is now complete. You may now select another screen from the left menu or log out.


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