Spanish Immersion, Without Leaving Minnesota; Meet Casa de Corazón®

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Deciding where to send your child for care is a really big decision. You want to insure they’re being given the best love and attention mixed with growth and knowledge. This is crucial at a young age as children are continuously absorbing their surroundings. Parents are faced with a challenge to find the balance of exploration and curiosity, often just hoping that the path they chose was the best one for their child. We understand this. We get this. We’re parents too. We’re community members. We’re hoping for the best for each and every individual in our area, big or little. That’s why we're so ecstatic to be partners with Casa de Corazón and their child-care services.

"Casa began its relationship with Flagship Bank with the opening of its 4th location and first franchise, Edina-Centennial Lakes. Flagship was pivotal in the launch of this location, and of the franchise company. It has been a joy to work with each member of the local team on everything from financing to account setup."

Natalie Standridge Founder & CEO Casa de Corazón

Through a goal of curating an intercultural experience, a loving atmosphere, and a progressive movement, Casa de Corazón brings opportunities to the Twin Cities suburbs and the families that reside in them. We had the chance to speak with Casa de Corazón team member, Mallory French, to understand a bit deeper into why this childcare facility brings so much genuinity and curiosity to their students.


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A Chance for a Second Language and Much More

Early exposure to other languages helps foster creativity, establishes confidence, and promotes critical thinking. Casa de Corazón encourages a second language immersion in all early childhood classes from the very start of an individual's journey with education. Spanish immersion isn't the only asset that sets Casa de Corazón apart from other childcare facilities. They also are proud to nourish students with farm to table natural ingredients provided from nearby farms, local co-ops, and community farmers markets. In addition, Casa de Corazón reduces their carbon footprint with a cloth diaper program. They provide full-service to enrolled infants and toddlers, contributing to over 100,000 non-biodegradable disposable diapers kept out of landfills each year! Lastly, children constantly feel like an extended family to the teachers and caretakers, they really care about the children and see it as a priority to develop genuine relationships with them. 


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From babies to school-age

Educational experiences for an array of ages can be found at Casa de Corazón. They offer programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. Care can be provided regularly or for short-term. Parents have the option to have their child experience Casa de Corazón through a Summer Camp. This full-day camp is a great opportunity for kids to make new friends, immerse in the Spanish language, and of course have fun! For the variety of programs and ages Casa de Corazón attracts, comes a variety of educational experiences. Casa de Corazón offers field trips to learn more about the community, a chance to learn more about sports and nutrition through specific classes, outdoor activities for environmental engagement, SMART table technology for collaborative learning, and much more! Casa de Corazón even offers a Garden Club where School-age students have the opportunity to plant, cultivate, and grow their own garden. For more details on the programs and specific camps, you can find more information on Casa de Corazón website.


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How it Began...

A decade and a half ago the first care centers developed, becoming a center for language immersion and environmentalism within the core curriculum. Now 18 years later, Casa de Corazón has three corporate stores with two franchises outside of that. All staff are native Spanish speakers, coming from outside of the United States. With this unique perspective comes a background to an entire country, including a variety of foods and cultural insight.

Now celebrating 15 years, they have achieved the status as the oldest Spanish immersion, NAEYC and Parent Aware certified child care center in the Twin Cities. At Flagship Bank we take great pride in helping organizations like this get their start and continue to grow like Casa de Corazón! 



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