5 Sustainable Banking Tips To Help Protect the Environment

Earth day 1

Earth day was this week and at Flagship Bank, protecting the environment is one of our top priorities. Our communities are so important to us and making sure they are safe and clean for our families is something we put a lot of time and energy into. We are committed to making this planet better for the present and future.

Go paperless

One way you can join in making a change is by switching to e-statements. At Flagship, we offer this option and also plant a tree for each individual who goes paperless. We work with @treetrustmn to make this happen. Not only does it help the environment by using less paper, it can also reduce clutter around your home and in your mailbox. It also means you’ll get your bank statement as soon as it becomes available. You should be able to print a statement yourself during those times you need one.

Paperless can mean e-statements or it could mean a text or email receipt at the ATM too. It’s always a good idea to have proof of your transaction. But that proof doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of paper, you can do with Flagship's sustainable banking options!

Use technology to bank from home

You can do your part to cut down on emissions by not making a trip to the bank. Use mobile or remote deposit capture to deposit some checks into your bank account. 

Especially during times of stay-at-home orders or people going out less, mobile deposits can make depositing a check from anywhere easy and socially distant. It can also be a time saver too.

Earth day 2-1

Change your method of transportation

Biking or walking to the bank can help you exercise and get your banking done. This might not be an option for everyone. Just cutting down the number of visits to a branch or ATM might make a difference.

Also, having an account with a bank that has a large ATM network might help you both not have to travel as far to find an in-network ATM and be more convenient. For instance, Flagship Bank is on the MoneyPass® network and that means surcharge-free access to 33,000+ ATMs at banks, credit unions, gas stations, and many others nationwide. Now that's sustainable banking!

Use other payment methods besides checks

Flagship Bank offers alternatives that can help you pay someone electronically right from your account. Some of the options are Apple Pay and Samsung Pay where you can link your Flagship Bank account and pay from your mobile device. This reduces the need for using paper checks from your checking account. We also have safety features in place that help you monitor your account.

Tree Trust

Bank with a bank that cares about the environment

Some banks really put an emphasis on being green and protecting the environment. At Flagship Bank we regularly participate in community clean ups and our staff physically goes and plants the trees themselves for all of those e-statements.

We need to be kind to our earth because it's the only one we've got. We will continue to do our part and offer sustainable banking alternatives that will reduce any further damage to our environment. Help us and the earth by doing your part too.

Want to start sustainable banking with Flagship? We would love to be a part of your earth-cleanup, schedule a time to meet with us today



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