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Flagship Bank Minnesota is a business bank serving clients in several distinct niches — from nonprofit organizations and independent schools to real estate investors, manufacturers, retail businesses, and professional firms— through a high level of service, trust, and value. A community banking model that features a full array of financial products and services, an experienced team of bankers, and a slate of advanced technology solutions that nurture the growth of strong, healthy businesses. 

Flagship Bank Minnesota takes a holistic approach to banking and places a high value on our clients, our community, our employees, our shareholders and the environment.  By taking care of these stakeholders, we are building an institution of lasting value. For our part, that means earning our customers’ trust and respect, delivering products of value and providing outstanding service. That’s our mission.

Your Success is Our Business.

Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses realize their goals. From small, home-based businesses to larger corporations, we’ve provided our banking expertise to help companies grow and prosper. We offer tailored equipment loans or business lines of credit. We offer competitive commercial real estate loans and 1-4 family investment property loans.  Our experienced business bankers understand nonprofit organizations, professional practices, and are fluent in securing SBA loans and how to use local community development grants. And for every business owner there are also personal financial considerations. For that reason, we are committed to building a relationship with our customers and provide every service necessary for their effective wealth management.

Because our banking decisions are made locally, we can respond to you quickly. Also, you can be confident that decisions made on your behalf are not only well informed but also done by people who care about making good things happen for your business. While some banks might base their lending solely on numbers, we look beyond that to consider each customer’s character, determination, and abilities.

In your account, we see a relationship of two companies, yours and ours…a partnership that will benefit each of us.

For that reason, you can call on us whenever you have a need or stop by even to ask a question. That’s what partners are for.


Eden Prairie
7525 Office Ridge Circle
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3644
Phone: 952.944.6050
Fax: 952.944.3787

Andy Schornack

Tom Kleinschmidt, NMLS ID#451608
Senior Vice President
Consumer Lending/Business Banking

Athina Thornton

Business Banking & Cash Management Officer

A desirable place to live and work, Eden Prairie is a vibrant collage of high-technology and manufacturing, service businesses, residential neighborhoods and acres of parks and open prairie.  Voted one of the United State’s best places to live, Eden Prairie has over 63,000 residents and a strong sense of community.

Flagship Bank Eden Prairie offers a full range of traditional banking services-from checking and savings to personal and business loans.  We are active members of our community. We partner with and support organizations like the Eden Prairie Community Foundation, PROP, Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools, Eden Prairie Hockey Association, Eden Prairie Lions, Spanish Education Fund, and a number of other nonprofit organizations in our community.   


711 6th Ave NE
Isanti, MN 55040
Phone: 763.444.5528
Fax: 763.444.9289
North of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area on Highway 65, Isanti is a growing community with over 5,300 residents. The office first opened its doors as the Bank of Isanti, a private bank established in September 1899.  In 1901, State Bank of Isanti (later called First State Bank of Isanti) succeeded Bank of Isanti, opening in a small brick building on Main Street in downtown Isanti with total assets of $10,000.  Subsequently the bank changed its name to Landmark Community Bank, N.A. and was merged with Flagship Bank Minnesota in October 2016. 
Flagship Bank Isanti is committed to serving the community and continuing the strong roots it has sown as the local community bank.  Whether it is the Family Pathways Giving Tree, involvement with the Isanti Fire District Rodeo, Rotary, or Chamber, we support the community that supports us. 
Joe Schornack
Commercial Lender
Joni Sundeen
Personal Banker
Laura Grodin 
Personal Banker
Charlene Reining
Personal Banker

3330 County Road 101
Minnetonka, MN 55391
Phone: 952.745.9440
The Minnetonka branch is nestled at the intersection of the lovely Minnetonka, Deephaven, and Wayzata communities.  Located just on Minnetonka Boulevard and County Road 101, the branch has a long history and we couldn’t be more excited to service the area.  
Flagship Bank Minnetonka is committed to serving the community and continuing the strong roots it has sown as the local community bank. 
Jeremy Hoese, NMLS ID#1091253
Vice President
Consumer Lending/Business Banking
Jan Miller
Personal Banker
Kevin Petersen
Marketing / Personal Banker

North Oaks
1048 Meadowlands Drive
White Bear Twp, MN  55127
Phone: 651.653.0768
Nestled alongside the town of North Oaks, MN which surrounds Pleasant Lake, the area began as a water source for the Saint Paul municipal water system. The land was purchased by Saint Paul magnate James J. Hill in 1883 and in the 1950s was incorporated the North Oaks Company with a mission to build with respect for the natural environment. 
Flagship North Oaks intends to serve the North Oaks, White Bear Township, and White Bear Lake communities. We believe that all banking should be private banking and work to serve all our customers well.
Heidi Johnson
Vice President
Consumer & Business Banking
Josh Harrington
Vice President
Portfolio & Special Assets Lender 
Melissa Campbell
Personal Banker

14150 St Francis Blvd NW
Ramsey, MN  55303
Phone: 763.712.1277
Fax: 763.444.7779
Randy Schultz
Vice President
Business Banking
Penny Coons
Personal Banker
Ramsey is a great community just north of the 494 Circle in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. With a population of over 22,500 covering 28 square miles, Ramsey is home to over a hundred businesses such as Connexus Energy, Life Fitness, Ace Solid Waste, and Vision Ease Lens.  
Flagship Bank Ramsey provides a full range of traditional banking products. Go local with your banking and please bank with our community bank. We are locally owned and work at effort to support our local community.




1415 Wayzata Boulevard East
Wayzata, MN 55391-1938
Phone: 952.473.1959
Fax: 952.473.1969

Brian Wagner
Executive Vice President
Business Banking

Don Kleinschmidt
Senior Vice President
Business Banking

Terry Ottinger, NMLS ID#482323
Senior Vice President
Consumer Lending / Retail Banking Manager

The bustling community of Wayzata, located just off of highway 394 west and overlooking the shores of the Lake Minnetonka, is home to a vibrant business community and over 4,000 Wayzata residents.  Our Wayzata office serves the greater Wayzata area including the communities of Plymouth, Deephaven, Minnetonka Beach, Orono, Corcoran, Hamel, and Medina.

Flagship Bank Wayzata offers a common sense approach with uncommon service.  At Flagship Bank we believe in building relationships and communities.



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