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Internal Auditor - Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Officer

Job Location: Eden Prairie

Position Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Internal Auditor for Flagship Bank and Security Bank & Trust Co: Prepares and performs periodic tests, audits activities, policies and procedures to measure the effectiveness of the compliance program. Plans, schedules and conducts internal audits of departments and branches based on the results of the Internal Audit Risk Assessments. Reviews bank policies for regulatory requirements. Prepare and submit reports to each bank’s Audit Committee on findings from internal audits and compliance reviews. Complete Risk Assessments as assigned.

BSA Officer for Flagship Bank: Develops, administers and monitors programs for compliance with laws, regulations and rules governing the Bank Secrecy Act, Office of Foreign Asset Control and Anti Money Laundering.


Internal Auditor

  • Formulates practical internal audit functions to be incorporated into operational procedures, resulting in safety, soundness, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Develops annual audit schedule, based on risk assessment, ensuring that those areas with greatest potential risk receive appropriate audit attention. Develops auditing procedures to address those needs.
  • Schedules audits, ensuring auditing procedures are carried out according to annual internal audit plan/schedule. Initiates spot audits as necessary. Prepares audit work papers, ensuring adequate documentation to support conclusions and provides effective and reasonable recommendations.
  • Furnishes periodic reports to each bank’s Audit Committee or Board of Directors and to the President/CEO of each institution.
  • Performs internal security and loss investigation activities as needed.
  • Review examination / audit findings. Ensure corrective measures and recommendations are implemented.
  • Retain records according to regulation requirements.
  • Monitor and review policies / procedures.
BSA Officer
  • Performs functions associated with those of the BSA Officer.
  • Performs functions associated with those of an OFAC Officer.
  • Performs functions associated with those of an AML Officer.