Spring Maintenance Checklist: There's an App For That



These warmer temperatures have us all dreaming of Spring. While we don't want to completely fool ourselves into thinking winter is over ("Fake Spring"), we can start planning for the new season. The list of Spring maintenance chores can be daunting, but our friends at Bundl Home have a solution that may be the answer you need to manage that checklist.


Our homes have become more than just where we eat and sleep these days. They are our offices, schools, gyms and entertainment locations. We are updating and improving our domains more than ever to accommodate all of these functions. It is also important we are preserving and caring for our homes so they can continue to serve us.

Better Homes and Gardens has a spring home maintenance checklist to help ensure everything in your home from basement to roof is in tip-top shape:

  • Inspect roofing for missing, loose, or damaged shingles and leaks.
  • Change the air-conditioner filter.
  • Clean window and door screens.
  • Polish wood furniture, and dust light fixtures.
  • Refinish the deck.
  • Power-wash windows and siding.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Have a professional inspect and pump the septic tank.
  • Inspect sink, shower, and bath caulking for deterioration.
  • Vacuum lint from dryer vent.
  • Inspect chimney for damage.
  • Repair or replace caulking and weather stripping around windows, doors, and mechanicals.
  • Remove insulation from outdoor faucets and check sprinkler heads.
  • Have air-conditioning system serviced.
  • Drain or flush water heater.
  • Fertilize your lawn.

That's a long list. Don't let that overwhelm you. We found a solution to make this less stressful. Believe it or not, there's an app for that! Our friends at Bundl Home have launched an app that provides a simpler way to maintain your home. Here's how it works.

With Bundl Home, you pay one monthly fee for all of the recurring and one-time home maintenance services you need and have one central location to manage them - the Bundl Home app



"At Bundl Home, we want you to have the time for what really matters. Go play in the fields, strum those guitars, read all the books or whatever it is that makes your heart content. Maintaining your home shouldn’t be what stands in your way."- Bundl Home Mission

So what services are included? Below are some of the recurring, one-time, and scheduled maintenance services they offer:


Recurring Monthly Services

  • House cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Lawn mowing

  • Snow removal

  • Pest Control

  • Handyperson

One-Time Services

  • Light bulb fixture replacement

  • Painting

  • Power washing

  • Deck staining

  • Assembly / installation

  • Drywall and trim repair

  • Garage door / opener repair

Scheduled Maintenance Services

  • Smoke and CO2 alarm testing

  • HVAC filter changes

  • Adjust and lubricate doors

  • Water softener salt refill

  • Inspect and test GFCI outlets and plumbing fixtures

  • Drain water heater

That checks a lot off the list! Bundl Home simplifies home maintenance by taking the hassle out of finding and hiring quality and affordable home maintenance specialists. They offer homeowners personalized monthly subscription plans that fit their needs and manage all of their services from one app. 

For a list of the zip codes services are provided and for more information, visit their website https://bundlhome.com/

Happy Fake Spring! 


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