7 Podcasts Financial Experts are Listening To


We can't all have a financial advisor in our back pocket and on our payroll. So turn to the internet we must.

Luckily one of those free and entertaining resources found on the internet are podcasts

Since any non-lazy person with a computer can technically get into podcasting and the amount of podcasts circulating out there can be insurmountable, we're highlighting a few worth looking into. Seven to be exact.


If you're looking for personal finance tips and tricks, investing guidance, cash management strategies, and insight from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, here's 7 podcast financial experts are listening to — a.k.a. ones you should probably listening to too.

System & Soul | LinkedInSystem & Soul

System & Soul Podcast with Chris White and Benj Miller is "for growth-minded leaders [looking] to strengthen the system and soul of their business to create breakthrough." They're guiding entrepreneurs through business ventures by discussing topics around growing as a leader, scaling your business, improving organizational culture, and more.

Top Customer Review: "Great interviews and insights that remind us of the power in our people and processes. From success stories to research based leadership, Benj and Chris are easy to listen to and bring value to every episode. It’s refreshing to hear owners who don’t just acknowledge, but bring to the forefront, the soul of the organization."


Teaser for By All Means - By All Means (podcast) | Listen NotesBy All Means

We love Minnesota-based businesses and resources.

One of those is the podcast by Twin Cities Business' podcast, By All Means. Listen and learn from the entrepreneurs and leaders behind some of the most up and coming Minnesota brands including Face Foundrie, Sota Clothing, SportsEngine, Sezzle, and Crisp and Green. 

Top Customer Review: "Every time I listen I feel that I have a seat at the table - Great questions and it’s refreshing that all the business owners have a true understanding of what it takes to run a successful business."


The Financial Confessions | a podcast by The Financial DietFinancial Confessions

CEO of The Financial Diet, Chelsea Fagan, uncovers "the financial truth behind every part of life" every week. Financial Confessions covers everything from investing in real estate to generate passive income to day-to-day budgeting habits for frugal living. For in-depth conversations with finance experts, you get to learn all about money and everything money touches.

Top Customer Review: "Get ready to eat you financial fruits and vegetables. Chelsea brings quality truth to the table about a variety of difference financial topics."


Have Podcast Questions? We Have Answers! - Afford AnythingAfford Anything

Paula Pant hosts a diverse set of entrepreneurs, millionaires, investors, psychologists, and early retirees every week where they uncover the know-hows and know-whats of financial decision making. Afford Anything helps you build a better life by making better financial choices. Learn how to afford anything, but not everything, by learning how to spend money, time, energy, focus, and attention.

Top Customer Review: "Paula is so knowledgeable and welcoming. She definitely educates her listeners in a way that anyone without much of a financial literacy background can easily understand and follow her. She also explores all the options and weighs their pros and cons which give some great insight on how to make financial decisions."


Earn & Invest - Business Podcast | PodchaserEarn and Invest

This award-winning podcast guides you on your path to financial independence through panel discussions and individual interviews. Earn and Invest emphasizes that while they won't always help you find the answers, they will show the questions you should be asking to refine your financial moves.

Top Customer Review: "Doc G is a master interviewer. Every interview brings out robust detail a thought provoking dialogue with his guests. Exceptional personal finance but combines it with life, values, motivation, and personal stories sure to enrich your wallet and your spirits. I love this podcast so much. "


The Goal Digger Podcast | Free Listening on Podbean AppGoal Digger

Business and marketing guru, Jenna Kutcher, talks all things goal tackling and dream chasing in her podcast, Goal Digger. If you are asking yourself, "How do I build my dream job?", "How do I make money online?", "Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5?", "How do I market my business?", "How can I create passive income?", "Can I turn my passion into profits?", then this is the podcast series for you. Learn step-by-step tips to redefine your success.

Did we mention she's a Minnesotan, too?!

Top Customer Review: "Jenna’s vulnerability is so refreshing in this podcast. I’ve been listening for 4+ years as I’ve grown my own business. Her strategies and conversations have been instrumental in making this girl a 5 year, multiple six figure business owner serving nonprofits."


Breakthrough Brand Podcast | Podcast on SpotifyBreakthrough Brand

Elizabeth McCravy is a website designer and business strategist that is pulling back the curtain on how to build a thriving business. Breakthrough Brand provides tactful and actionable advice on online marketing, business strategy, graphic design, and so much more through solo episodes where she discusses what she has learned from building her own six-figure business and through expert guest interviews.

Top Customer Review: "I never miss Elizabeth’s podcast. She is an amazing hostess and she gives fresh, actionable tips to really help your brand break through the noise and stand out, in the best way possible. The content flows really well and the episodes are easy to digest. I highly recommend this podcast to any entrepreneur no matter what stage of business they are in."


If you're looking for someone to help navigate your podcasting journey or filter through the information learned on others' podcasting journeys, give us a call. Flagship Bank provides no bull banking to making managing your finances easier.



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