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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Personal Finance is an important subject lacking from school curriculums across the country. Luckily we can always rely on our love/hate relationship with the internet to fill the gaps — and unfortunately, the gaps are plentiful when it comes to all that personal finance encompasses. Credit cards vs. debit cards, checking account vs. savings account, making a budget and FOLLOWING a budget, investments, loan options, retirement planning, etcetera, etcetera, "money, money, money, must be funny" and all that jazz. 

Surfing the web for personal finance advice can be overwhelming and sometimes dangerous, so we've compiled a list of the best personal finance blogs that provide accurate and in-depth information about best personal finance practices. Besides ourselves of course...



File:Nerdwallet Horizontal Logo.svg - Wikipedia


Turn to the Nerds. In addition to the award-winning expert info coming from 80+ Nerds, Nerdwallet provides tailored insights, and helpful tools including side-by-side comparisons, smart calculators, and option simulators.



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The Balance

The Balance makes personal finance easy to understand with over 9,000 pieces of content accumulating over the past twenty years. "Whether you’re looking to invest, buy a home, save for retirement, or achieve another financial goal, The Balance has a team of experts ready to answer any questions."



MintLife Blog - Personal Finance News & Advice


Mint is a personal finance software company that offers a free, easy to use, #1 most downloaded personal finance app, in addition to their informational blog. You are able to read blogs about family finances, travel jobs, money etiquette, and more, all while gaining individualized insights and tracking through the app.



Mr. Money Mustache - Wikipedia

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is offering advice on how to "live a frugal yet Badass life of leisure" and retire early. He has a knack for breaking down complex financial maths into simple and captivating articles. All in all, Mr. Money Mustache wants you to "create a life better than your current one, that just happens to cost 50-70% less." 



Money Under 30 | Advice On Credit Cards, Investing, Student Loans,  Mortgages & More

Money Under 30

Money Under 30 is a personal finance blog catered towards young adults... under 30. But don't be fooled. they offer great information for readers of all ages. It was founded by David Weliver in 2006 after he noticed that a majority of financial advice out there was catered to people with large portfolios instead of those seeking basic financial advice. Blog topics cover everything from credit card recommendations, banking, insurance, and more, with new blogs posted several times a week.



About Just Start Investing - Just Start Investing

Just Start Investing

Just Start Investing is pulling back the curtain on investment jargon so you can start investing in yourself... wait this sounds familiar...

Their blog covers topics ranging from stock picks and predictions, market vocab, hiring a broker, and celebrity net worth. Similar to others on our "Best Personal Finance Blogs" list, Just Start Investing has been featured in top-dog publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and MSN Money.



25 Money Blogs: The Best Personal Finance Blogs in 2021

Financial Samurai

The Financial Samurai has been "slicing through money's mysteries" since 2009. The financial samurai, Sam Dogen, is using their firsthand experience to guide others on their passive income and financial freedom journeys. You can find their blog highlighted in major publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Consumerist, The Sydney Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times.



Home - Good Financial Cents®

Good Financial Cents

Founder of Good Financial Cents, Jeff Rose, is spilling the beans on all things financial freedom. He has been featured on publications like TIME, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, and Business Insider. GFC's is putting out in-depth articles applicable to students paving their way towards financial independence and people who are already farther down their money management journey. Bitches Get Riches : Kitty & Piggy: Audible Books & Originals

Bitches Get Riches

And finally, my personal favorite. 

These two powerhouse women are candidly providing financial, professional, and personal advice through their award-winning blog and podcast. And they're doing it "without being boring, condescending, sell-outs." Still not convinced? Their latest blog is titled, "Dafuq is Networking?..." Need I say more.



Whether you are new to sorting out your personal finances or need some new ideas and inspiration to grow your wealth, there are countless blogs available just one click away. If you're looking for a professional to guide you through your readings, Contact Us Today.


*insert "Don't share your personal financial information online" spiel here*



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