A better way to manage your money is just a tap away!

Accidentally leave your card at a restaurant? Not sure if your card is at home stuck between the couch cushions or if it’s truly lost? Need to help control your spending habits? No problem! 



Flagship Bank is proud to introduce My Mobile Money Access. Our new app is offered on both iTunes and Google Play.  Use this app along with your Flagship Bank Mobile Banking app to help control and monitor card usage anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone. With My Mobile Money you can protect your card from fraud by setting alerts or place controls to determine how your card can be used. And, if you misplace your card, you can use the app to turn it off and then turn it back on when you find it!


Turn your card OFF and ON 

Imagine you’re touring around Europe, you pull out your wallet to pay for your morning coffee and realize your Flagship Bank debit card is missing. You immediately try to start retracing your steps, trying to remember the last place you used your card. Panic sets in, what if it’s stolen? Maybe it’s just back in the hotel room? What do you do? If you have the My Mobile Money app you can simply turn your card off, giving you the peace of mind that your money is safe until you find your card or return home and talk to your banker.


Account Management provides

for Greater Control

Help control the spending by setting spend limits for everyone in your household. Do you have a teenager that tends to become carried away on their video game spending? Or someone who needs help controlling their clothes spending allowance?  The My Mobile Money App allows you to help by setting limits on how much is allowed to be spent on each transaction! This is a great way to control spending overall and should be included as our #18 Money Saving Life Hack.

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Location, Location, Location

You take your phone everywhere with you, right? Next time you’re on vacation in Northern Minnesota or heading to the cabin for the weekend, turn on location controls. You can set the region you want to be able to use your card! You can even set the controls to only allow your card to be used in the presence of your phone with the app. This helps ensure your card is only used where you are!



For the love of Target

Who doesn’t like shopping at our favorite local Target™?  Sometimes it’s hard to say no to that cute graphic tee or new movie, you walk in to buy one $10 item and walk out with a cart full of $100 worth of items. Help control that impulse spending by using the merchant controls!  You can set which merchants you would like to use your card including department stores, restaurants, gas stations and more.  


Not an online shopper... 

Don’t allow your card to shop online either!  By blocking all e-commerce transactions using our transaction controls you are protected.  Now you determine what types of transactions are allowed on your card before they happen.


Remember, if you card is ever lost or stolen, My Mobile Money is a great first step to take to shield your card from fraudulent activity.  Please don’t forget to immediately get in touch with us to report your missing card.  You can easily do this by visiting a local branch or by calling 800.264.5578 or 952-944-6050.


Click the link to access the app in App Stores: 



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