ATM Information & Safety

ATM Information

  • Locate surcharge-free (no fee) ATMs or ATM locations that accepts deposits in the MoneyPass network. Click here.
  • To report a card lost/stolen after banking hours, please contact 1.800.264.5578
    Internationally: 701.461.2551
  • For assistance with issues affecting your ATM/Debit Card, please contact Flagship Bank during business hours:
    • Eden Prairie Branch: 952.944.6050
    • Isanti Branch: 763.444.5528
    • North Oaks Branch: 651.653.0768
    • Ramsey Branch: 763.712.1277                                          
    • Wayzata Branch: 952.473.1959      
    • Minnetonka Branch: 952-745-9440  
ATM Safety
  • Keep your PIN number a secret. Never write it down or share it with anyone – not even family members.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night. Make sure the ATM is free of sight obstructions. If you observe suspicious persons or circumstances, do not use the machine.
  • Take a careful look at the ATM before you use it. Be suspicious if something looks out of the ordinary. Skimmers can take all different sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • Bring someone with you when using an ATM at night. If you can’t, use an ATM that is located in a public area like a convenience or grocery store.
  • Have your ATM card ready and in your hand as you approach the ATM.
  • Use your body to “shield” the ATM keyboard as you enter your PIN. Use your free hand to block the view of you entering your PIN. Pinhole cameras can be difficult to detect.
  • Always take your receipts or transaction records with you.
  • Do not count or visually display any money you received from the ATM. Immediately put your money into your pocket or purse and count it later.
  • If you are using a drive-up ATM, be sure passenger windows are rolled up and all doors are locked. If you leave your car and walk to the ATM, lock your car.

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